Purwokerto,Seven Families Displaced


Purwokerto,Seven Families Displaced

Purwokerto,Seven Families Displaced

Purwokerto,Seven Families Displaced

PURWOKERTO-At least seven families (KK) of 24 residents kiosk in front of abandoned Navan Station after the forced demolition of stalls they occupy. The reason, they do not have a permanent home. While other families who already own a home, and there are some who stay at home while his brother.

“Now seven families displaced. Stay where they are confused. While this move in with relatives, and in the back of the stall, Kober, “said Chairman of the Society of Merchants Home Navan Station, Akhmad Fatoni to Radarmas yesterday.
Night after the demolition, he said, people are still struggling alone. In fact, after the stall flat land, people make a tent by the side of the road. Banyumas Police to check party because they made ​​a tent by the side of the road and above ground kiosks that have been leveled.
However, midmorning yesterday, Radarmas no longer find emergency shelter. Some residents kiosk is still there which scavenge the items in the former stall them.
Suhardiman, residents said it would stall again determined to make camp in the afternoon. Therefore, he will be confused where. “I will set up a tent. Tent is a form of demand accountability because we neglected. Where we want to stay, “said Suhardiman claiming decades of the stall.
Other residents, Saminah, brother of Samiati (residents kiosk) admitted picking up wood, zinc or items can be used again. He said, Samiati ride in a neighbor’s house that was on the side of the Kober village cemetery. That’s it, do not know to be boarded, because the environment in that location is also intended for rent.
“Numpang now. Though the rental home. Guns would know how, “said Saminah.
Other residents, Yanto admitted sadly with digusurnya kiosk in front of the station. He claimed not to have a home until forced back to in-laws house. Going forward, he will try to build a house.Purwokerto,Seven Families Displaced


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